Monday, April 21, 2008

First Ever XIK Giveaway! Free MGO Beta Key up for grabs!

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, we are giving out a free MGO Beta Key! (Yes its a working 12 digit one.)

At first we thought this being a clan blog dedicated to our clan mates to keep it inside the family, but then we said what the hey lets give more people a chance to participate in this amazing Beta testing experience.

Here is what you need to do to get your MGO Beta Key.

1. Leave a comment on this post (only this one) including the following:
1a. Email Address
1b. PSN Handle
1c. Why do you think you should be on the beta?
1d. Any comments you might have.
1e. Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, IGN profile, 1up profile, PSU profile, etc.
2. To be able to be eligible for this drawing, you must comment on this post with the above information, and recommend this blog (XIK) to one of your buddies. How will I know you did this you ask? Well simply have your buddy comment with a different ID or name and have him refer to back to you. I will know if you are doing it yourself checking your IP Address and other mambo jumbo.
3. Last but not least, to check that you aren't posting billions of times, you must add me to your Myspace account, or your Facebook, or 1up.. or whatever you might have. That way I will see your comments check with your profile in my friends list and know you are that one person. (Sony Agent's myspace and other networks are on the left sidebar of this blog.)

Good luck to you all. MGO Awaits the lucky winner and the rest of the Beta testers this April 25th.

"The MGO team in Japan is currently working around the clock to stabilize the servers, and is aiming to launch gameplay this weekend of April 26th. We must note, given the current situation, this is subject to change." (PS Blog)

You have until the 25th to cast your comment. Drawing will start right after.


  1. I WANT THAT!!! lol you should have my email address... this is darkstar/tria mera by the way... u should have my PSN... whatever that means. and uhh... oh why i should be on beta? i dunno... because people are telling me i need to be on it lol. no particular reason. lol im kinda screwed on having a buddy check out your page. if it was in spanish it might be different lol. so i dunno... im first... so i get preference right? lol...

  2. hey that's not fair i had a soccer game today so this is the first chance i've had to post!! anyways... i don't have a myspace... is my e-mail... but u knew that already... i think i'm already on your psu and youtube (feenux666 for youtube), YEP03 is my PSN, and i should get the beta because i have played (and beaten) all the other metal gears (except the portables which as far as i know is more than u can say hunter unless u have recently beat mgs3) and... i'm sick of all my games and want something that isn't just another shooter....

  3. me wants it!! my psu profile is
    i want to be beta because i love MGS and i think its gonna be awesome

  4. My roommate broke my disc drive and I'm currently in between jobs, so a downloadable game will still work, help me fill time until I get back to work and can fix my PS3. Or I'll have to donate plasma to get cash to fix my machine... But I'll still have much freetime :)
    PSN Swift_451 PSU

  5. soy nessesito para divertido! excuse my errors, email is, you can find my profile for myspace on my brothers profile my name is buruato, youtube is Zherkezi (SC REFERENCE!) I want this cuz ive played all mgs games and unlocked stealth ect. in them, I love it, u know who i am, but if im missing anything tell me

  6. I showed swift this site as I he is my friend and I would to get him a code from somewhere as of now the playstation forum site is now locking anyone asking for code post so please let my friend have a chance to play this beta as he can't play anything else except downloaded games on his ps3.

  7. email:

    PSN: xxTheRIzzaxx

    why i should get it: I love mgs and was addicted to the original. My gamestop screwed me out of the code and I have entered every contest I culd find to get one; I failed. Please hook meup, it is 10 minutes before yor contest ends and we could play together.

    Sorry for not following your formtan, I wanna do this quick before the deadline and I typig this on my ps3 browser so I cant check back to the format you want without a "not enoug memory" error popping up and cosing the broweser.

    I know there are tons of errors in this, but please help me out. All my friends are gettting ready to play in 10 minutes and I wanna join them.

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble, but here is another way to get a beta code that is guaranteed. All you have to do is follow the tutorial and you will receive it. Other than that, it requires no work at all and is not a contest or drawing so you will get a code.

    You can use either of the two links below to get this code so you can play this amazing game and its beta testing:

  9. Sorry to burst *your* little bubble, but MGO is region locked. Good try though.

  10. yeah, maybe it is but if you were to look at the tutorial you would realize you can bypass the region lock by simply using a japanese proxy service so haha your bubble is bursted and mine is not (besides mine is made of steel so you would never be able to burst it even if you tried)

  11. sorry to burst your bubble again... Octa Cammo is amazing by the way... But dont you think all those steps are even harder than what this guys blog is saying?

  12. yeah but atleast you will get the code by following those steps, this only guarantees it for one person, what about all the other people. i followed the steps and got my code and now i can enjoy the game.

  13. I still think there are more steps... which is not such a great thing... If this blog and Joystiq both are doing a drawing... yours is retarded. and this blog as far as I know has two codes. So tell me what are the steps for getting someone out of the US to play this game that is no in the UK nor Japan? and already has the game downloaded on a US account?

  14. what do you mean its not a great thing it there are more steps...the point it that you\'re getting it. and besides this tutorial isn\'t mine, it posted all over the internet, so that just increases its validity... and what do you mean by \"what are the steps for getting someone out of the US to play this game that is no in the UK nor Japan\". if the person already has the game downloaded, why do they need the code any ways....

  15. My friend is in another country not US nor UK nor Japan... he has a US account...and has downloaded the beta but cant play it!!!

  16. ohhh....well i never said it was a fool proof method...but yeah i guess this would be good for people like him who don\'t live in the US, Europe, or Japan

  17. alright so tell us how to do it I think he lives in south america

  18. just use the links that i posted before and make sure he downloads it using a japanese account...and then he should be able to use it on any account (thats what i did and it seems to be working) it probably wasn't working for him because of a server error of something