Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wii Owners Today, PS3 Owners Tomorrow Says New President of SCEE

There is a new chief in town (a new SCEE president that is), Andrew House (like the FOX hit TV show, not that I has anything to do with this post) has wasted little to no time on giving his thoughts on the current generation war. House has apparently made some very high statements telling Edge-Online that he believes that Wii owners will eventually 'upgrade' to PS3. He bases this off of prior figures that pit the life cycle of the PS2 against that of the N64. (Joystiq notes that he probably meant GameCube), he goes on citing Nintendo's console as the "entry level gaming device" and suggested consumers were undoubtably planning to "upgrade to a more powerful machine later in the life cycle when the price point was right for them."

From that we can take that House is looking at this for the long term of the PS3 future dominance. While for many people the price is far from 'right,' that will eventually change perhaps opening an big window. But as Joystiq highlights, House forgot one little factor dubbed the Xbox 360. What is your take?

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